Monday, November 2, 2009

A walk down the memory lane

Come walk with me,down the memory lane,
Discovering the faded glory once again.
Where juvenile dreams breath in air,
Leapt, laughed and cried in despair.

Remember the days,
We listened to the first rain-drop.
Peter-pater, peter -pater, trop trop trop.
Slashing against, the window pane
Kindling the flame of insanity time and again.

Remember the invitation of the spiteful spring,
How we loved to hear the first cuckoo sing.
And the enchanting, first, warm summer dream,
It's spellbound mystical fancy realm.

Gone are the days,
Of merry-go round.
Now life swaps with dollars and pounds.
Battering away the hours of play,
With hardship and misery beating you all day.
The devil's eyes watches us all,'
A single mistake leads to the great downfall.
Know not what destiny has in store,
All that life needs is more, more and more.

Shade away these fear, fright and pain.
So, come walk with me,
Down the memory lane.

                                     © Zinnia Mitra