Monday, November 3, 2008


Virtue and vice,
Strength in device,
Efforts taken by surmise,
And with adored disguise.
Every yew is a resurrection?

Seeping in hour by an hour,
Devil's dreams build a tower.
Says, with immense glory,
Comes little filth;
The hidden conscience feels no guilt.
See what man has got from the nature's law.
A sacred heart with hidden "claws".

Built in sand
Are the dreams so fine!
When destiny smiles,
Your efforts whine.
Still this maddening wild goose-chase,
Making life a real rat- race.
And, "yes";
Still they say,
That the sun will rise,
Bringing light to all fading eyes.
It all leads to the divine implication,
Every yew is a resurrection!

                                  ©  Zinnia Mitra.