Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moonlight Moron

I walk with your shadow,
In this mystic night.
The memories, once I treasured
Now fades with this moonlight.

The wind blowing through my hair,
Tells me a new tale
Of new joy, new expectations and new despair.
Beaming in with new glories to write,
Of new desires and new plight.

When the rainbow coloured heart,
Regains for another blind flight
Oh! my moonlight moron,
I still lie.

When the world laughs at
What very little is left 'from' us,
My heart still trembles, still sighs
Pleads for the time to fly,
There, where we left the scattered pebbles
To recollect them and rearrange for our paths.

The ones belonging to you are still white.
Those red ones are mine!!
My moonlight moron, trust me
I no longer cry.
But sharp memories still makes me bleed!!

                                                              © Zinnia Mitra