Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Moonlight moron - iii

The water is shallow,

Dark and deep.

Silence whispers,

Our hearts leap.

Moonlight moron, tread slowly!

The path is steep.

It creeps like shadow,

Stabs like pin,

 Twists and turns 

It burns within.

The fire that warms,

Can burn a town.

Moonlight moron, tread slowly 

Don't you drown!

Leave it be !

Unsaid and unsung 

Keep it sealed,

Dried and hung.

Perhaps, a day 

Tied tongue will sing.

Moonlight moron, the chimes will ring.

Till then, let silence reign.

Let dear heart endure the pain.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Moonlight Moron -ii

When I look at the moon 

I think of you.

Moonlight moron!

Was it never meant to be true?

By the river, ripples so bright 

Reminds me of the devious blight.

You by my side and I by you 

Memories un-erst, now remain very few.

It creeps in slow as the sun blaze in 

Screams! Shouts!

Tatters my skin.

Flesh is what, the price been paid 

Moonlight moron, it's all been said!

Rest you there, where peace be found.

The wretched sweetness, 

In dreams still hound!