Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Stranger

Shadows screening all around,
Smokes and motes fill the ground.
Thunder stroked night disperse
With windy night’s mellow whispers.
The sky turn crimson
With morning hue.
I see a stranger,
Is it me, or you?

I stand amazed
Looking through.
The more I try,
I find no clue.
Nothing is same,
All has changed.
And my heart,
I try to tame.

The frenzy makes me go insane.
To my heart, I then question.
When the shadows,
Call my name.
Why I withdraw with certain shame?

My heart then sighs,
And I grow weak.
Is it real or a trick?
I peep inside,
To unveil the fact
I see the Devil
At it’s act.

The screening shadows
Laugh aloud.
Then I see,
The dark black cloud
Gulping my soul,
Bit by bit.
And I cry,
Who is it?

I smile to myself,
Now I have the clue.
The stranger in the reflection,
Is me, not you.

                                                                                            © Zinnia Mitra